Cleveland, Ga.

Arts & Crafts:


BabyLand General Hospital

Gold’n Gem Grubbin

North Georgia Zoo & Petting Farm

Food & Beverage:

Ain’t B’s Bakery & Confectionery Art Studio

Beca Farms and Vineyards

The Cottage Vineyard & Winery

Serenity Cellars

Food Producers, Farmers Markets, etc.:

Allison’s Honey

Beca Farms and Vineyards

Belflower Gardens

Cedar Hollow Farm

Charlie Thomas Farm

The Densmore Farm

Double B Farms

LoganBerry Heritage Farm

Mountain Laurel Farm

Neverland Farms



Personal Services:

Rx Hair Salon


The Barking Lot



Campbell Creek Redesign

Mt. Yonah Book Exchange

Velvet’s Vintage


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