Fur Babies & Dust Bunnies

Fur Babies & Dust Bunnies
Demorest, Ga. 30535
(912) 660-2997

“Fur Babies & Dust Bunnies has been a growing dream for several years. We are dog lovers who have lived in a few places across Georgia and always struggled to find someone or someplace to leave our pups when we needed to travel and couldn’t take them. We’ve tried sitters, boarding facilities and even vet offices but were never completely satisfied with leaving our pups. We never felt that they were receiving the same kind of care they would if we were home. The best solution was when we found a trustworthy friend who would come and stay at our house and care for our “children” while we were away. That got us to thinking that surely, folks needed dog loving, reliable and trustworthy sitters to occasionally care for their pets. By combining pet sitting and house sitting needs, Fur Babies & Dust Bunnies was born.”


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